Yes, Earth for President. What would it be like if Earth were elected our leader? How would we listen to the Earth for guidance, direction, decisions?

Let’s make it happen in 2024! Our first goal is to formally register the Earth as a Presidential candidate for the 2024 election with the Federal Election Commission. If we raise $5,000 we can formally register. You can 1) DONATE to the campaign via WYALD Arts below, 2) INVEST IN THE MESSAGE at the STORE, 3) like our FACEBOOK PAGE, 4) join the MAILING LIST, and 5) follow us on INSTAGRAM. We are very appreciative of your support.


To us this is a genuine campaign, and currently we are an exploratory committee, so we’d like to ask, what do you think? Feel free to contact us with your ideas and suggestions.

Historically, our exploratory committee for the Earth as a United States Presidential candidate began for the 2016 election on August 28, 2015.

  1. 35 years old
  2. A resident within the United States for 14 years
  3. a “natural born Citizen,” a term not defined in the Constitution

We know this is way bigger than us, and so far the staff consists of our exploratory committee, Robert Wyald and Ian Mackey. We’re doing our best to listen to the Earth, and it seems like there’s a burgeoning network of interested and vested species, including plants, animals (which includes people), protista, fungi, eubacteria, and archae. Contact us if interested in joining the team, and let us know what skills you have to volunteer.

Although we genuinely believe in our campaign, we don’t claim to know the answer to this. Maybe each of us, when tuned in, can hear the Earth? We might have to consider who are the peoples on the planet who have been genuinely listening to the Earth the longest (e.g. the Kogi)? What tools do they use to listen to the Earth? What is the language of the Earth?

We’d much rather communicate the messages of the campaign by word of mouth or by high-speed telepathy, but for now we are relying on some conventional campaign methods to help spread the word and raise funds.

Please feel free to support as creatively as you like. We hope that you run campaigns for the Earth to be the leader of your country, as well.




What volunteer support would you like to offer in skills and time? For example, we’d love to bring a political lawyer on staff. And filmmakers are welcome, as we begin to put together campaign videos. Do you have ideas for the campaign? Partnerships? Please reach out below.


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